At Spa Duck Specialties We Feel Every Pool Is Unique.
Utilizing Our Equipment Blueprinting & Engineering Process, Every Pool Or Spa Is Optimized For Energy Efficient Water Flow & Performance. This Process Transforms Average Looking Pools & Turns them Into Beautiful Water Features That Stay Clean & Sparkle All Year.

We've had Huge Success Converting The Above Ground Old Fashioned Plumbing To  High Flow Energy Efficient Plumbing That Allows Skimmers, Automatic Cleaners, In-floor Pop-up Cleaners To Perform As The Manufacturer Intended.

Automation Creates An Environment That Allows Easy Functions With A Smart Device App. High Speed Clean-Up  Skims The Top Surface Before Swimming Or Entertaining For A Party, Outdoor & Pool Lighting Control, Water Quality & Chemistry Electronic Control & Readings, Climate Controlled Heated Or Chilled Pool Water & More.

We Can Improve Any Pool Or Spa Whether It Was Built Today Or 45 Years ago.  Contact Us For More Information.