At Spa Duck Specialties we feel every pool is unique.
Utilizing our equipment blueprinting & engineering process, every pool or spa is optimized for energy efficient water flow & performance. This process transforms average looking pools & turns them Into beautiful water features that stay clean & sparkle all year.

We've had huge success converting the above ground old fashioned plumbing to  high flow energy efficient plumbing that allows skimmers, automatic cleaners, in-floor pop-up cleaners to perform as the manufacturer intended.

Automation creates an environment that allows easy functions with A smart device app. High speed clean-up  skims the top surface before swimming or entertaining for A party, Outdoor & pool lighting control, water quality & chemistry electronic control & readings, climate controlled heated or chilled pool water & more.

We can improve any pool or spa whether it was built today or 45 years ago. Contact us for more information.